How I’m Doing with my New Year’s Resolutions

You may remember my article Bipolar Weight Gain: Using the New Year as a Springboard from the beginning of January. Some of you are probably wondering how I’m doing with the weight loss goals and more importantly, the healthy eating and exercise.

Well, here’s how I’m doing. I’ve lost 8 lbs (which I think is poor), and I’ve began to start changing my eating habits although I stumble here and there. My exercise is weaker than my healthy eating, as I am only exercising here and there (yesterday I had a great cleaning session where I sweated it out, though).

I am becoming more and more determined to start changing these exercise habits once and for all. I’m tired of the extra weight and I’m looking to really make a change. I forgive myself for only losing 8 lbs. since January 1.

I forgive myself because I realize this is a process, and all I do is beat myself up which I know is sabotaging the whole thing. I’m going to try to re-commit to doing exercise in the morning before work.

I want to take walks, but my social anxiety makes me afraid of going out and being around people in the neighborhood. I don’t like saying hi to neighbors even though I know I should. I need to get over this hump so I can actually enjoy the outdoors in the morning and be free.

I am trying to make big changes in my life, and becoming healthy again is one of the big changes that I need to make. Sometimes I just don’t have the strength to try to change everything at once, and I’m trying to move up in my job, which causes added stress.

The big thing I’m learning, like I said, is to have patience and be gracious with myself. I would for anyone else. My attitude as of late has changed a lot for the better and I’m hoping in due time I can make the same progress physically.



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