DBT for Bipolar Disorder

DBT: Not Just For Borderline Personality Disorder | Her Bipolar Life 



2 thoughts on “DBT for Bipolar Disorder

  1. I was 29 years old & my x wife was pregnant with our first child,I wanted to wait until we could afford children before we had any,any way,the pressure was more than I could handle,worrying about how I was going to afford this new born baby,I had a manic episode,they put me on lithium in a state owned hospital,it worked a little while,anyway to make a long story short & maybe help you ,I finally wound up in a privately owned hospital ,where they put me on deprokote,but it took 3 visits to privately owned hospital to get level high enough,I take 1500 mg. Every night. Plus Jesus Christ has been my deliverer ever since I was 9 years old,he delivers me out of trouble every day,praise Jesus,I love him for this. The best advice I can give you,if you are not saved,get saved,seek Jesus and ask him to save you. And go to a privately owned hospital,not a state owned.If there is any way I can help ,feel free to ask my friend.another trick I learned,is to be careful not to drink more than 2 drinks per day with caffeine in it,to much caffeine causes me to be impatient and get very,very,angry. Well maybe this helps ? Hang in there, 🙂

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