The Manifestation of Bipolar: My Experience

The Manifestation of Bipolar: My Experience

How did bipolar disorder begin for you? Please comment.




2 thoughts on “The Manifestation of Bipolar: My Experience

  1. For me bipolar had been part of me for four years since I was diagnosed with depression at 16, I just didn’t realise the depression was bipolar. I’ve only been diagnosed with bipolar for two months now, but I knew there was a problem, the obsessive and impulsive buying the being able to sit awake for days and produce quite frankly some of the best of my university work, and then the crippling lows, the withdrawn mind and body the blank dreams and not being able o see through the black to there ever being a future.
    I cannot say I don’t enjoy the highs I do, but because of this it took me three years to accept help, so bipolar for me was there but unrecognised and still at times hard to accept or understand.

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