Bipolar Disorder, Anger, and Irritability

Expanding on my mania article, in which a lot of people, including Late Bloom Lisa, commented on the angry/irritable side of bipolar disorder. 

This is something many of us deal with. Please let me know how you deal with anger/irritability and how it affects you!

Read here: via @psychcentral

Don't, just don't.

Photo Credit: Holly Levey via Compfight


4 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder, Anger, and Irritability

  1. Oh, the friendships and relationships I could have saved had I been able to control my anger. Obviously I still struggle with this, but I at least have hope knowing I’m getting help.

  2. I try to calm My self Down w a long walk or cycling and writh poams and qoutes. And think way i got so angry and like that.

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