My Top 5 Bipolar Disorder Triggers

My Top 5 Bipolar Disorder Triggers via PsychCentral… 

What are your triggers? How do you manage them? 

Sleeping in red Heat

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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Bipolar Disorder Triggers

  1. Awesome link!

    For me, (just like in the article) if I have poor sleep for more than a couple of days I may become slightly annoyed with things. This later turns into true irritability and agitation, ultimately leading to a hypo-manic episode if the matter is not addressed and taken care of. Obviously eventually spiraling into a manic relapse.
    In order to prevent such things, I try and get a decent amount of sleep every night. My psychiatrist told me that I need from 6-8 hours for better health and productivity. I agree. I am also taking a strong medication to induce sleep just before lying down for the night. I sometimes add Benadryl to my cocktail as it really helps me get even sleepier, and its not harmful. I don’t do it always. I am trying to keep exercising regularly, not too late in the evenings, I just do the best I can.

    Just as in the article, too much stress can do the same-lead to manic irritability, a hypo-manic episode, or manic switching, and later mania if steps are not taken to better handle the matters and situations at hand. Personally, I manage stress with positive self talk, affirmations, exercise, time with my dogs, and prayer. Its different for all of us.

    Really, just being aware of what I am doing to take care of myself and being in tune to catch any neglecting of my mental health keeps me sane. I was diagnosed 10 years ago this March, and along the way have acquired some very, very valuable information, life lessons, and self love. I have a very positive outlook on life, am finally at my optimum level of mental health and helping others. I know what its like to be in the darkest of depths of Bipolar depression, and the sky-high, grandiose, major manic episodes that seemed all so magical at the time. Mania is a drug stronger than any street drugs ever thought about being. It can send you to the moon or make you believe the moon is yours…
    Ultimately, sanity is far better than madness, as no matter how blissful it seems, as it is always short-lived and followed by a major crash.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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