Monday, Monday

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you for your kind words on my last post. I am so appreciative of the way you all always reach out to me from the bottom of your heart. A friend on Twitter reminded me that us writers write to live. And so I do, and you respond, and it resonates with you, and I am eternally grateful for that, no matter how I feel. One of the most precious parts of my life.

Updates on me: Still having a hard time, annoyed with going through quick ups and downs (i.e., rapid cycling). Using more of my “calm down” prescription than usual, but still appropriate (no over-doing).

Trying to sit in the simple right now, think less rapidly and deeply (I know that’s something I need to work with my new doctor on immediately — the rapid, nagging, paranoid thoughts).

I see the doctor tomorrow for the first time. I have hope. There’s always hope in meeting someone new. Maybe to start fresh.

My three sweet cats are very helpful in the moments when I must slow down. I am inspired by their peace and love and I wonder why I’m always trying to move so fast. No wonder I am burned out.

And so I keep moving, like walking through sand, but I keep moving, hoping I’m a day closer to a solution.

I’ll keep all of you updated. Thank you again for being there. Have a great start to the week (I know Mondays can be difficult for many), and to all of those in New England — Stay Warm!



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