“I relate totally to what you wrote. That is me, too.” -msmtshadow

“What an uplifting and yet realistic post” -bpnurse

“I so appreciate your articles; they really help me to recognize that I am not alone in this daily struggle.” -Lisa

“One of the best blogs ever! Thanks!” -Jorgensen

“You sound like you’re seeing right into my brain. -bigsky

Oh my goodness! This is like reading my own journal!” -Ana

“Wow, inspired by the poise and courage of bloggers like @KatGalaxy” -Solome

“Kat, you are so encouraging. Thank you.” -Maureen

“Wow, this is a real eye opening article…thanks again and keep up the good work!” -Edd

“What a beautiful and sad story.” -EvinceNaturals

“Thank you for sharing your story- I look to it for hope and understanding. It does help to know there are other people out there like me. ” -Lisa”

“This article was very illuminating, thanks for writing it. your strength inspires and comforts others.”-Carrie


Compiled from Her Bipolar Life, Twitter (@KatGalaxy), and the KatGalaxy Blog.



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