Who is Kat?


My name is Kat – I am a 26 year old woman with bipolar disorder, and a lifelong writer. I live in Florida under a canopy of trees with my husband and three cats. I am an English BA with a concentration in Creative Writing and English Literature and a minor in Sociology. I am a proud former blogger on PsychCentral.com at Her Bipolar Life, and I’ve been featured on websites like TreatmentDiaries.com, FamilyGuiding.com, and MyHeartYourHands.org. I am a professional copywriter, blogger, editor, and social media consultant (and yes, available for hire). I am also a mental health advocate, a certified Guardian Advocate, and I love tea, music, star-gazing, traveling, tattoos, cooking, and sports.

HQ: http://www.katgalaxyblog.com

My PsychCentral Blog: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/bipolar-life/




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